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Welcome to something new from Novy Health & Beauty. Having worked in the industry for over 17 years now I offer a wide range of beauty and holistic therapies. It has occurred to me that not everyone can have a full understanding of everything and so I decided that I would take away some of the mystery of my industry by sharing some of my knowledge, hints and tips with you. For example I often am asked "What is BB Cream?" or "What is the difference between swedish and aromatherapy massage?" or "What is Reiki and will it help me?" All very valid questions that deserve answers. So over time I will be writing about a number of topics from basic skin care to what ingredients are in products to new treatments or trends. If there is anything in particular that you would like me to feature please do let me know by filling in the comments form below. I would be very interested to find out what your questions and interest are.  
To begin will we will be looking at basic nail care and maintenance for hands. Why do I use so many products during your manicure? It's not just for show, each product has a different function to help maintain, repair and protect your nails. So whether you like a natural look to your manicure or something a bit more daring and adventurous, maybe you always prefer the durability of gels or perhaps curious about a new option in between the two keep up to date with my blogs and you will find the answers. Feel free to add your comments or questions regarding nails and manicures and I will address them in the next blog post.  
Short and sweet to begin with