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So here we are 2018. Happy New Year to you all. I hope your Christmas was spent with those you love. So what about New Year? What does it mean to you? Friends & Family? Parties? Food & Drink? New Starts? New Ambitions? Time for a New You? Let me help.... 
So you've decided you would like a massage and after a wizz round Google you're not sure which is for you. Does this sound familiar? What's the difference? What can I expect? How long will I need? What should I wear? Shall I wax? Does it hurt/tickle? These are all valid questions that I get asked a lot, so hopefully I can shed some light on this for you! 
The dictonary says that massage is the scientific manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, stress and to promote health and wellness. There are many different types of massage available but for the moment we will just take a look at: 
Swedish Massage 
Aromatherapy Massage 
Hot Stone Massage 
Indian Head Massage 
Swedish Massage 
Swedish Massage is a treatment that represents a classic western massage. Various techniques are used to encourage relaxation, improve circulation and ease tense muslces, they include soothing movements like stroking and gliding in collaboration with kneading and virbration movements and is probably the kind of thing that springs to mind with a "typical" massage.  
Aromatherapy Massage 
This is one of the most popular massage treatments here at Novy Health & Beauty. It combines the more soothing techniques like stroking, gliding and kneading, however 100% pure essential oils are added to a carrier oil which enhances the massage treatment with the properties of the selected oils. Typicially 3 different essential oils are selected which when combined together can enhance well-being, restore balance and help with a variety of conditions both on a physical and mental level.  
Hot Stone Massage 
If you've not tried hot stone massage you are really missing out. A fantasticly deep treatment using smooth stones (not like one on your driveway or rockery, these are basalt stones) which are heated in a device that looks like a slow cooker. These hot, or rather, quite warm stones are then used to carry out the movements of the massage usually using aromatherapy oils. It is said that one stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to 6 with the hand! You must have seen pictures advertising hot stone treatments where a client is laid on her front with a row of black stones along her back. This is only a tiny part of the treatment and happens at the end when rebalancing the energy. 
Indian Head Massage 
I usually carry out this treatment with client seated. It is an excelllent massage for relief of stress, stiff neck and shoulders and headaches. The treatment concentrates on the upperback and arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. This treatment generally uses no oils and undressing is not required. 
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I hope you read part one and are now happy with your nail shape, how best to file them and care for your cuticles. So time to move on to Part 2. Lets make them look pretty.  
Base Coats - Why do we need them and which should we use? 
Like your skin and hair your nails have their own specific strengths and weaknesses and need to be treated to keep them healthy. Base coats are designed for this. Whether your nails easily break or crack, maybe they peel or flake or perhaps they are very strong and tough, the correct base coat will help to improve the health and appearance of your nails. Another reason to use a good base coat is that it will protect your nails from discolouring when wearing nail polish, particularly strong and bold colours. 
So with correct base coat selected we apply using 8 - 10 strokes on each nail and include if possible behind the nail at the top and the tip to seal the nail. If you have time consider a 2nd coat. 
This is the tricky bit! #TooMuchChoice 
Jessica Colours are renowned for their durability and range of colours. Again apply using 8 - 10 strokes on the nail, behind the nail and along the edge. 2 coats is required to ensure that the colour is applied true. This all takes practice! You will probably (like I did) paint some of your finger along with the nail, especially if your nails are short. This is not a problem and the excess polish can eaily be wiped away with a q-tip dipped in some nail varish remover when you have finished your manicure. 
Top Coat 
Why? Again this is an extremley important part of your manicure and shouldn't be missed out. A good top coat acts as a "ceramic" seal to protect your hard work and prevents chipping of your polish. You've guessed it, apply using 8 - 10 strokes on the nail, behind the nail and along the edge if possible.  
A couple of drops of "Quick Dry" on each nail will help to protect your fresh manicure from smudging and help speed up drying time. When your nails are touch dry massage in hand lotion. Next, if you can do nothing! 
Top Tips for your Talons 
Wear gloves for gardening, cleaning and doing the dishes 
Scrape your nails over a bar of soap to prevent soiland dirt getting under your nails when gardening (even with gloves on) 
Add another layer of Top Coat every few days 
Do not use metal nail files & remember to always file in one direction 
Nourish your cuticles and keep your hands, nails & cuticles moisturised with hand lotion 
I'd love to see your manicures. Why not post a picture of your nails on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages  
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swedish, aromatherapy, indian head, hot stone - all massage but what is what? 
Products Used  
Jessica Reward (base coat for normal nails) 
Jessica Custom Colour 
Jessica Top Priority  
Jessica Brilliance 
Jessica Quick Dry Drops 
Jessica Enlighten Hand Cream 
Hand & Nail Care Basics Part 1 - Mini Manicure Preparation 
My Mum always said that if your hair, hands and shoes were well presented then you could make a good first impression. So with clean shiney shoes and a haircut yesterday (thanks Mum) it's time to sort out my nails and at the moment that's not going to be easy. I've been lacking in the hand and nail care since Christmas and my nails are far from their usual standard so my best option for the moment is short and neat.  
Firstly I need to assess the scale of disaster by removing all traces of nail polish. Before any kind of nail soak I need to apply some serious hydration to my cuticles. My "go to product" for this is "Nourish" from Jessica. This pink cuticle formula nourishes and conditions cuticles. It's great to reduce inflamation and will naturally shrink the cuticle. As is my way, I apply lashings of this around the cuticle area and other areas of dry skin. Now I can enjoy a brief soak in warm water with a little Hand & Body Bath before drying my hands and massaging in remaining "Nourish" then very gently pushing back my cuticles if they need it.  
Shaping and filing is an art form. Consider the shape of you whole nail. Think about how long or short you like them. Take a look at some of the most popular nail shapes. Which do you like and which would suit you?  
I like Squared Oval or Squoval (At least I do when I have some length!) This shape is quite forgiving in that the staight top and sides keep the strengh to the nail whilst the slightly rounded corners make the shape more user friendly. So that decided I file in one direction only, using flexible files and try to make them about the same shape and length. (Don't get carried away here and go mad. Be gentle and support your nail while you file.) When I'm happy with the shape I clean the nail plate to remove dust and oils to prepare nails for polish. 
BASE COAT. Always wear a BASE COAT.  
Next time...... 
Why do I need a base coat and top coat? What home care is essential to look after your hands and nail. Tips on applying nail varnish and making it last. What to do if you chip your polish (after you have said a few naughty words), yes it can be fixed. Find out how next time. If you have any questions or comments do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. Joanne x 
Welcome to something new from Novy Health & Beauty. Having worked in the industry for over 17 years now I offer a wide range of beauty and holistic therapies. It has occurred to me that not everyone can have a full understanding of everything and so I decided that I would take away some of the mystery of my industry by sharing some of my knowledge, hints and tips with you. For example I often am asked "What is BB Cream?" or "What is the difference between swedish and aromatherapy massage?" or "What is Reiki and will it help me?" All very valid questions that deserve answers. So over time I will be writing about a number of topics from basic skin care to what ingredients are in products to new treatments or trends. If there is anything in particular that you would like me to feature please do let me know by filling in the comments form below. I would be very interested to find out what your questions and interest are.  
To begin will we will be looking at basic nail care and maintenance for hands. Why do I use so many products during your manicure? It's not just for show, each product has a different function to help maintain, repair and protect your nails. So whether you like a natural look to your manicure or something a bit more daring and adventurous, maybe you always prefer the durability of gels or perhaps curious about a new option in between the two keep up to date with my blogs and you will find the answers. Feel free to add your comments or questions regarding nails and manicures and I will address them in the next blog post.  
Short and sweet to begin with 
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