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So you've decided you would like a massage and after a wizz round Google you're not sure which is for you. Does this sound familiar? What's the difference? What can I expect? How long will I need? What should I wear? Shall I wax? Does it hurt/tickle? These are all valid questions that I get asked a lot, so hopefully I can shed some light on this for you! 
The dictonary says that massage is the scientific manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, stress and to promote health and wellness. There are many different types of massage available but for the moment we will just take a look at: 
Swedish Massage 
Aromatherapy Massage 
Hot Stone Massage 
Indian Head Massage 
Swedish Massage 
Swedish Massage is a treatment that represents a classic western massage. Various techniques are used to encourage relaxation, improve circulation and ease tense muslces, they include soothing movements like stroking and gliding in collaboration with kneading and virbration movements and is probably the kind of thing that springs to mind with a "typical" massage.  
Aromatherapy Massage 
This is one of the most popular massage treatments here at Novy Health & Beauty. It combines the more soothing techniques like stroking, gliding and kneading, however 100% pure essential oils are added to a carrier oil which enhances the massage treatment with the properties of the selected oils. Typicially 3 different essential oils are selected which when combined together can enhance well-being, restore balance and help with a variety of conditions both on a physical and mental level.  
Hot Stone Massage 
If you've not tried hot stone massage you are really missing out. A fantasticly deep treatment using smooth stones (not like one on your driveway or rockery, these are basalt stones) which are heated in a device that looks like a slow cooker. These hot, or rather, quite warm stones are then used to carry out the movements of the massage usually using aromatherapy oils. It is said that one stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to 6 with the hand! You must have seen pictures advertising hot stone treatments where a client is laid on her front with a row of black stones along her back. This is only a tiny part of the treatment and happens at the end when rebalancing the energy. 
Indian Head Massage 
I usually carry out this treatment with client seated. It is an excelllent massage for relief of stress, stiff neck and shoulders and headaches. The treatment concentrates on the upperback and arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. This treatment generally uses no oils and undressing is not required. 
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For the swedish, aromatherapy and hot stone massages I offer full body treatments that usually take in the region on 1 hour and back, neck and shoulder treatments that take around 30 minutes. It's best not to have any massage treatment straight after a heavy meal as you need time to digest and no-one likes to lay on a full tummy. Come in comfy clothes - no need to dress to impress! I'm likely to mess your hair up, smudge your make-up and you will have some oil on your skin when we are finished. (You won't be slippy and slimey as the oil is a carrier oil which means it carries the essential oils into your bloodstream so that you will continue to benefit from those properties). Please wear your undies, however not your best silk!! Any oil that gets onto your clothing will wash out. Remove jewellery before your treatment.  
With regard to "Does it hurt/tickle?" that is up to you. We will discuss this before we begin but it is your treatment so you need to let me know. I generally start your treatment by applying the oils to your skin and gently warming your muscles then I can continue to treat areas needed. It is your massage so please let me know if it's too soft or maybe a bit to hard.  
When your massage is over I will leave you for a while to "come round". It can take a while for your mind and body to return to the moment. There is absolutely no rush. Don't get up too quickly. You may feel a little light headed after your treatment so take your time. This is quite normal. Have a drink of water - I'll have left you one on the side.  
"So what are you doing next?".....Supermarket is the wrong answer!! If you can (and I know realistically it's not always possible) go home and have a quiet day. Drink plenty of water to help eliminate the toxins from your body. Avoid coffee, tea and carbonated drinks as these inhibit the detox process and eat a light meal. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours as some essential oils can intensify the effects of the oils and alcohol. Give the oils time to penetrate into your body by avoiding washing and bathing for 8 hours . Enjoy a good nights sleep. Be aware that after any massage treatment some effects may occur, which could include tireness, headaches and excessive urination These are a result of the detoxification process and in not way detrimental. These symptoms will only last a short time and are often replaced by a sense of vitality.  
Please remember that when I'm carrying out your treatment I'm not judging you in anyway shape or form. It matters not to me if you haven't shaved your legs or waxed for a while, I won't tell you off if your nail polish is chipped - my focus in on your muscles, well-being and treatment!  
Hope this has been useful for you. I'll be back with more soon 
Joanne x 
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